Creating catalog records for things that aren't books

[Click each example above to open an annotated catalog record for that type of item:]
Download these examples here:

Cataloging non-book materials IS different from cataloging books. Sometimes non-book information can be harder to find. But you'll see from the examples above that cataloging non-book items isn't that difficult: just a few added lines and some different ways to describe the items, but not completely unfamiliar.

Keep in mind there are vendors that do an excellent job of cataloging audio books, DVDs, and other media materials, when you buy from them. This, in my opinion, is a great investment. These nonbook materials can take more time to catalog and especially to process. It is generally more economical to have someone else do these steps for your library.

Of course, just like with books, your library might get non-book donations and you may purchase non-book items locally. Or you may want to make sure your vendor is doing the job as requested. So review these annotated examples of how catalog records look for three "weird things": audio books, CDs and DVDs.