JUST FOR KIDS: Subjects headings, series, awards and illustrators:

Subjects headings:

Does your library use a separate catalog for the children's sections? If not, then traditionally you add "Juvenile Literature" or "Juvenile fiction" to the subject heading when you prepare the catalog record for children's books.

(Just to see if you are paying attention, there ARE lists of children's subject headings, and they are different from Library of Congress or Sears. Which headings does your library use?)
----- Series:
Adding series information is helpful because there are so many series in children's literature.

You can even put which number the book is in the series. Detailed series information is especially helpful when each book is by a different author, such as "39 Clues" or "American Girls."

Adding a note about which awards a book has won makes it easy for users to get a list of these books (and potentially find even more titles they will like.)

Caldecott Award
Newbery Award

Kids frequently become fans of a certain illustrator.

When you add illustrators to your catalog records, your users can find their favorites.