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Out of Dallas at sunset on a cold December evening, on to Toronto, then to CDG: easy flights, no surprises, arriving in Charles de Gaulle at sunrise on a cool December Wednesday morning:

We are on one of the last full-service flights from Canada.

The RER trains are still running. It is 6 in the morning and the sun is coming up over the earth. Christmas decorations are in airport shop windows but there are no carols blasting. No fake poinsettas. The airport is quiet and empty. Is this normal? We have no way to know...

We buy our carnet of RER tickets, planning to take one of the very last running trains from the airport to the Metro. We hope to jump out at the Bastille station and walk down Rue Saint-Antoine to our hotel in the 4th arrondissement. Oui! Next stop, 14 Rue Neuve Saint-Pierre - yes, we have arrived in The City of Light!

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